Unibet live betting

Unibet AustraliaUnibet is a sports betting bookmaker with almost 5 million members worldwide. His website is now also available for Italian players and bettors. The company has in fact obtained some AAMS licenses, indispensable for being able to operate legally in the field of gaming and online betting on Italian territory.

To make it more attractive to subscribe to the site, Unibet offers, like virtually all online betting websites, different types of welcome bonuses for new customers and players. All these promotions are however subject to your initial expenditure. In other words, in order to get any of the welcome bonuses offered by the Unibet betting site, you will need to open an account on the site and deposit a cash deposit on it. Once this is done, you will be able to choose between the various types of bonuses offered.

Bonus € 60 – Unibet registration now!
For example, with regard to online bets, the offer of a bonus of 100% of the deposit made up to a maximum of € 50 is available, plus a special voucher of € 10 called “Betting without Mobile Risk”. But be careful: it seems that not all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are supported, so before requesting this supplementary bonus you should read carefully all the information on the website. In order not to lose the bonus, you must also pay attention to what are called playing requirements.
These are conditions on bets imposed by Unibet to grant bonuses. This means that you will not be completely free to make these first online bets as you wish, but you will have to comply with the requirements set by the website. Also in this case it is good to inquire before losing money.

A second type of Unibet welcome bonus available is for Casino games. In this case, the promotion allows to obtain, under certain conditions, 100% of the deposit paid up to a maximum of € 300, plus € 10 of Free Spin Mobile for Starburst. Here, too, be very careful before you deposit deposits of these figures, because obtaining the welcome bonus is subject to certain rules, which affect both the way in which you will have to make your bets to get the bonus, and the ways and times in you can use your bonus if you can get it.

When it comes to signing up for an online betting site, it is always very important to read the small print below the stratospheric figures advertised in the ads. For example, it is true that you will be able to get welcome bonuses of 100% of the deposit that you have paid into your online account, but the amount of this bonus is often limited to € 30, € 50 and so on, it is not unlimited as it might seem at first and superficial glance, and often it is not so simple or obvious to be able to obtain it. Eyes open, therefore, regarding the preliminary research for registration!

A weak point of the Unibet sports live betting site is customer support. With quick online research, you can read different opinions of people registered on the site of online bets that often complain of the unavailability of customer support service of the website. Another point to the detriment of the betting site is the fact that if you do not log in to your account for more than twelve months, Unibet will start withdrawing from your account € 5 on the 20th day of each month.

Setting up “punishments” of this type is a trick used by different websites, betting or even other topics, to force those who sign up to access the site regularly and regularly. So be careful, because gambling and online and offline betting can easily turn into an addiction, and this process is even easier when this kind of “punishment” is involved.