Monchy continue in office, Seville Vazquez comes with gangs

Summer reinforcements number five and six reported Seville. Already a few days ago Andalusian unit confirmed that next week, initially for five years, signs of Franco Vazquez from Palermo, now the podhrotovému attacker adds one born in Latin America. Sevilla on its website also confirmed the agreement on the transfer of Brazilian midfielder Gansa …

Roughly 13milionový Franco Vázquez has to Paula Henriqueho Gansa slight advantage: although his official betting offices presentation will occur until after the weekend, he could no longer participate in summer training Andalusian club to American Florida.

In the case of transfer Gansa recently, some things complicated. First São Paulo Seville could agree on severance pay (eight million Brazilians seemed a little ten is already satisfied), and then came a series of rumors and third party investment group DIS.

Franco Vazquez is also unlike Gansa in Europe has long been a well-known celebrity. Palermo from Argentine moved Belgrano 2012, and still managed to accumulate in Serie A over a hundred starts.

In the past two seasons Vázquez, who feels most directly under the attacker, already belonged to the most significant figures of the competition. His motto is primarily dribbling, though in that interval, no actor Serie A nezkompletoval more individual penetrations (252).

Furthermore, Franco Vazquez in the past two years has Bet365 sport bonus in Australia created 122 firing positions for teammates from Palermo, while he himself presented a precise 18 hits and seventeen recorded a goal. At twenty-seven years now passes for the better probably prime.

That Paulo Henrique Ganso is a little younger, but one would at first glance, he said he has the best behind. His time wallowing with Neymar for Santos, shortly after winning the Brazilian title in 2010, but the first serious knee injury and then hurt his development almost completely cut off …

Ganso quietly rediscover a Europe that they deserve after all

2010 Carlos Dunga before the World Cup now resisted calls by several fans Santos, who in nominations for the final championship Necpaly only Neymar, but his aide Gansa. Both eventually waited at least Copa America 2011, to make their way in the coming years radically diverged.

Gansovo place in the national team soon after not finished Copa mastered industrious Oscar, and at club level, the former ‘new Kaka’ soon vytrucoval Unibet move to São Paulo, which for him after the last Olympics pay roughly the same amount as now Sevilla, ie 10 million euros .

Even in mid-2013 was seen mainly as Ganso lazy burnt-out talent, but then he began to change quickly in football player who now, in the words of the President of Sao Paulo transfer to Europe for the long term benefit of the club simply deserve.

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