Fox had previously trained with Orpheus, now heading to Great Pardubice to surprise

He’s still working for the DS Pegas, but races start in the colors of other stables. For example, the upcoming weekend at the 126th Grand Pardubice.

The 33-year-old jersey, Martin Liška, will set off on this Sunday’s top race of the domestic obstacle season with the horse Rendez Vous from the EŽ Prague stadium.

a young seven-year-old gelding that is just beginning. Anyway, I hope we can cope with the Big One together. We should also benefit from it in the future, “he said with the wish of Fox.

According to the results, Rendez Vous is more of an outsider, but his rider believes he might be surprised. “I liked the qualification very much,” Liška said. “Especially in the last kilometer.And because the Grand Pardubice is eleven hundred meters longer than the qualifying, I think we could enter the seventh place, “he added with hope.

Any success in Pardubice would be for him adequate patches for several of this year’s scars. “I went to the season with three interesting horses, but two were injured in the first race, and Sun Belina just before Great Pardubice,” said Fox.

The last nine-year-old man prepared by Liška in his own stable in Luky nad Jihlava, she had a lot of decent prospect. “In September, we have won one 1xbet racing and one-horse racing at the Great would definitely belong to favorites,” he was sure.

The dog attacked the dog

But all the chances faded the least likely injury from all. “We were back from training, and as we drove out of the woods, a big dog stood there, biting her into a gluteal muscle,” he told the event just a few days ago. “It was not a fatal injury, but a piece of flesh was hurting her.In the necessary form, he would not go to the races, “he sighed.

The whole event can not be exhausted by Liška. Since the launch of Sun Beliny, he promised a lot.

“Stables AKRAZ, the security agency that the mare belongs to, we are going to next year to go to private practice.And if I showed up in good light at a meeting in the Great Pardubice, it would be for me as a coach and overall for a big plus, “said Fox.

“He did not just give it up, he took the obstacle flattened and fell into the hole,” said the unfortunate moment of the race. “I remember the very first shot here and then I got a few more,” he added.

At first he did not even know that his injury would be more serious. “I was just banged.As long as I lay, nothing best betting bonus offers worried me. Just when I was up, it took longer, “he remembered the trable then.

” I tried to move it quickly, but when there was no improvement, I went back to the X-ray and there they found I had a chopped pan, “he said, returning back in his memories two years back. The fact that he would never have wanted to hear more about the Taxis after that hard fall was not worth it. “No, no respect.It is an obstacle for me as any other, “he assured with a smile of a sympathetic jockey.

However, a year later, he was sitting on the same horse in the same race again.

“And that was quite different. As we approached the Taxis, it was clear that he knew what was waiting for him, and this time he passed him gorgeously. For me, surely the best Taxis jump from the six, “convinced Liška, who will be the only representative of the Vysočina Region in the Great Pardubice this year.

The Pegasus Racehouse does not have any of its horses in the race. Nevertheless, the popularity is still taken care of.It is clear to the majesty that every other Great Pardubice will always mention the triple victory of the Orphee des Blins, which was trained by Grzegorz Wroblewski.

And what about a successful mare from her last success, which it achieved in 2014, happened? “She moves in the herd of breeding mares that Pegas has. She is perfect, she looks very good and she is in great shape. He just enjoys his retirement, “he said with a laugh.” Who knows, maybe Rendez Vous is just as famous as Orpheus in a few years.I can say a lot about the Sunday race, too.

“The horses, who like to pass well as a young Great, will be very helpful in the future,” said Liška, who is very pleased with his . “If I’m nervous? No way. I did not even have a problem with this. And now it’s not likely to change, “he laughed.